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Begoña Egurbide tells us that the work of art has an open space. I , now , I appropriate a part of the open space to enter, to find other perspectives that can be sustained from " Two souls , two judges , two priests, two torture " .

Like a careful walk in which the works presented are keys for thought , my eyes strangely recreate close ties to some of the most sought positions elsewhere in this publication.


Sixto Peláez Begoña Egurbide and dialogue with the eternal ( like the kiss shown ) dual division as an essential area and unsolvable . W. H. Auden writes that " the whole struggle of life is a struggle to transcend duality and establish unity and freedom . The will , the unconscious , is the desire to be free . Our desires are our idea of ​​the existence of dualities , ie what the obstacles posed to our will. We have the freedom to desire not be free. " But the very fact will make that clear , with artistic and creative action , with the poetic, there is a reference to the overcoming of duality. Piece prevailing over the eternal dual is precisely the poetic consciousness , the desire for transcendence and gesture . Auden 's struggle is the third leg of the stool that holds the existence and precisely , this exhibition is a paradigm of this.

So is the desire, want , try, power, will, consciousness and ingenuity , words that seem quite suggestive significance for the qualities they have when it comes to the idea of ​​creation . All of them, we refer to the world and its transformation and , in some way, involve an active stance of some imagined vision a reality , often excessively sleepy that , it seems , needs to react urgently. These are words that do not suggest criteria, but gesture and movement , both formal and mentally. These words , too, that build and define feelings and give us the exact measure of his possibilities as we apply in the context of uninhibited language .

The language , a total space for expression, laying traps , we played , on many occasions , creating misleading tricks that lead us to build sheds to proclaim things complicated evident. This would be legitimate from a creative intention , as a way to go beyond the classic brace which prevents the pursuit of freedom of expression , becomes pathetic when used in an informative way and with certain explanatory claims . In short , wanting to be clear . In the language that speaks of art , we tend to define concepts blending modes intentions, conditions foundations, so that if we talk about plastic and poetic from the same level , we contribute unwittingly make a trench deeper than at any time should have been dug . Schemas are created and impede the approach especially the deepened .


The poetry is inherent in art , whether plastic or written or thought , so , sometimes , it is much more interesting finding conscious attempt of complexity, but it would not be the end of the impregnation naturally desire to express poetic . In a fortunate sequence of the movie Jurassic Park , one of the characters is skeptical when he explained the absolute impossibility of natural reproduction of zoo animals located on the island , because they have taken care of that are all females , when he says that , despite everything , " breaks through life , is uncontrollable ." well, life , death and art also . thing breaks through creative , inventing methods and mechanisms to flourish. Nevertheless, when speaks of the death of art must be translated by the death of the art systems .

It is gratifying to find creations , as on this occasion , which consciously and from a clear desire , attempting to combine the poetic and plastic naturally and without fanfare . The experience in this direction prepare a direct confrontation of individual statement with the budgets of the apparent collective solution . There is , from my point of view , a problem that affects the concept of individuality against the collective , but today, the self-exploration of autogasificación front leading to the virtual death . The internal conflict is a rich shade of dualities metaphorical speaking overcome by the will of transcendence and , conversely , struggle, right now , is to survive another perverse duality, being in reality, illusion and in sleep or being (not being ) in appearance , virtuality and simulation. Signs like this in REKALDE - Area 2 , put the finger on the aspiration to find that the black and white checkerboard becomes Trinity : white, black and my will .

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